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Nike 600ml water bottles 2 for $30
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  • 1.2 GOS means Global Online Shopping Pty Ltd (ACN 168 856 684), a company incorporated under the laws of Australia with its registered office in Level 2, 139 Frome Road Adelaide SA 5000.
  • 1.3 GOS and this website Powered by GOSand any mobile application are provided as the platform to enable you to access the selection of Coupons. This platform provides a virtual facility for you and the selected Merchant to agree on terms and complete your acquisition of the Coupon. The Couponthat you select is purchased in an electronic form and can either be presented using a mobile phone or printed out and presented in a physical formatto the Merchant and will entitle you to receive the Special Coupon Deal from the selected Merchant.
  • 1.4 Each Coupon will tell you the Special Coupon Deal you have selected and the period of time the deal is valid and when that deal offer comes to an end called the Validity Period.
  • 1.5 You must redeem your Coupon within the Validity Period or the deal will be lost and no refund or return can be claimed by you.
  • 1.5 When you select a Coupon:
  • (a) with aSpecial Coupon Deal, you are accepting the additional Merchantterms and conditions between you and the Merchant who is independent of GOS plus these Terms of Use; and
  • (b) GOS does not recommend, endorse or sell any of the Coupons displayed for you to see.
  • 1.5 GOS may in the future amend these Coupon Terms of Use so it is important that prior to selecting a Coupon that you check and read the latest version of the Coupon Terms of Use and any terms displayed by the Merchant.
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  • 2.3 Confirmation that you have successfully acquired the Special Coupon Deal will occur when you receive an email providing you with details of the Coupon.
  • 2.4 If you do not receive an email it means that your selection of the Coupon has not been accepted or that by the time you selected the Coupon that the Merchant had withdrawn the Coupon. GOS may also notify you after you have received an email that your right to the Special Coupon Deal has been cancelled and if you receive this notificationGOS will provide you with details of the reason for cancellation.
  • 2.5 In addition, the Merchant’s terms and conditions for your selection and use of its Coupon need to be read carefully by you as they will also apply when you select a Coupon.
  • 3.1 Unless varied in writing by the Merchant:
  • (a) your Coupon can only be activated and used once during the Validity Period;
  • (b) your Special Coupon Dealmust be used at the place of business specified on the Coupon;
  • (c) your Special Coupon Dealcannot be used by more than one person; and
  • (d) you must follow that activation steps and any additional terms of use that come with the Special Coupon Deal to gain the benefit of the deal provided by the Merchant.
  • 3.2 All Coupons displayed on this website Powered by GOScan only be used for the purpose explained in writing on the description of the Coupon.
  • 3.3 When you want to use your Coupon you must present it to the Merchant within theValidity Period. If you have not used your Coupon within the Validity Period, the Special Coupon Deal will automatically expire and you will have lost the benefit of the Coupon.
  • 3.4 Unless set out in writing by the Merchant:
  • (a) your Coupon does not give you priority to claim your Special Coupon Deal so it is recommended that you contact the Merchant to obtain an explanation of how and when you can use your Coupon. To avoid disappointment, please contact the Merchant well before the time you would like to take advantage of the Special Coupon Deal;
  • (b) your Coupon must be used within one transaction and any unused benefit within the Coupon will then expire and cannot be claimed;
  • (c) any unused portion of your Special Coupon Deal cannot be exchanged for credit, refund, substitute Coupon or other benefits;
  • 3.5 If GOS is notified by the Merchant, GOS will use the contact information you provided when registering as a member to then provide an email to you indicating any change made by the Merchant to your Special Coupon Deal and whether the deal is altered or no longer available. In those circumstances you should contact the Merchant to find out what can then be offered to you. GOS is not liable for the actions of the Merchant or its representatives.

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