Welcome to Ecomotel Rewards Fund Raising Program

Alan Mc Mahon owner and proprietor of the Crossroads Eco Motel is a passionate supporter of the Port Augusta community and non for profit organisations.

Eco Motel Rewards is an online shopping platform design to promote local businesses in Port Augusta as well as providing customers with savings at a shops they shop at on a regular basis.

Choosing to shop online through Eco Motel Rewards will help support and provide much needed funds for the Port Augusta special school.

The way it works is instead of the stores paying for expensive TV, radio or print media marketing they pay Eco Motel a percentage of each transaction for directing customers to their store.

When you click on go to store from Eco Motel Rewards a tracking code is embedded in the URL as you are transferred to the store, which enables the store to pay the Port Augusta special school a 2% commission from your purchase.

Please shop through Eco Motel Rewards whenever you can and help support the school.

Eco Motel is proud to support the children and families of The Port Augusta Special School.

2% of every purchase through the online stores will help support The Port Augusta Special School.

You Shop, You Save, You Support

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